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US Calls for Cease Fire in Yemen

Cease Fire

Colin M., Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 27, 2018

U.S. officials have called for a cease-fire in the war in Yemen. The war was being led by Saudi Arabia against the Houthi rebels, who have killed more than 10,000 people since 2015. The United States has been selling arms to its ally Saudi Arabia for many years and has made several billion dollars in...

Famine in Yemen

the Soviet Famine of 1932–1933

Lauren Y., Editor - Opinion

December 15, 2017

Nora Rashid, a citizen, suffering from the famine in Yemen, has had to sell her family’s livestock to afford her daughter’s transport costs. Her four-year-old daughter desperately needed to reach the feeding center in Al-Sabaeen, but Rashid didn’t have enough money to pay for the medical care her...

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