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Escort carriers such as USS Casablanca, pictured here, are named after sounds, bays, islands, and famous American battles.

USS Los Angeles, California, and Narwhal: How U.S. Navy Ships are Named During World War II

The Kiet H., Editor May 24, 2022

By the end of the Second World War, the United States had 6,768 commissioned ships, making its navy the largest in the world. Its entire fleet comprised 70% of the world's naval tonnage and was twice the...

An image of the USS Cassin Young, the same class of destroyer as the USS William D. Porter.

USS William D. Porter: The Most Unlucky Ship in History

The Kiet H., Editor March 21, 2022

By the end of World War 2, the United States navy was the largest and most powerful in the world. Each naval ship performed its duty, some performing more heroically than others. Surprisingly, one did...

A photo of Anne Frank, whose diary shed light on the lives of Jews during the Holocaust.

Researchers believe they’ve just found who betrayed Anne and her family

Adrian M., Reporter March 15, 2022

Anne Frank was a young, energetic Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during WWII when the Nazis rose to power, causing mass panic towards the Jewish community. Anne Frank is special because when she was...

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