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The Most Amazing World Records

The Guinness World Record contains thousands of different and interesting records held by people all over the world.

Reese M., Reporter

April 9, 2019

In the 1955, Sir Hugh Beaver first created the Guinness World Record book. Since then, 141 million books have been sold in over 100 countries in many different languages. What are world records anyway? World record are the best or most impressive performances in history that has been recorded. There a...

Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records In Sports

Joe DiMaggio record has yet to be broken since he played in 1941

Connor N., Reporter

April 23, 2018

One of the most cherished parts of sports are the records the great players of the past hold as well as the rising stars in sports today. Records are more than just a title that a player owns, a record is something an athlete deserves from all the work he or she puts in their career day in and day out...

Russell Westbrook: Breaking Records

Russel Westbrook playing basketball.

Sean J., Reporter

May 8, 2017

Most people who watch sports probably know who Russell Westbrook is. He is one of the best players in the NBA and has been breaking records his entire career. But the most greatest achievement of his career so far, was when he made triple-double history, and then crushed the Denver Nuggets’ playoff h...

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