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A group of pandas, whose species is sadly endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.

What animals are going extinct?

Enrique R., Reporter April 19, 2022

Many animals are already extinct, but what about the ones currently going extinct? There are around 8 million species of animals, but approximately 15 thousand species are heading toward extinction. Although...

One of Hawaiis beautiful beaches

Why is Hawaii such a Popular Place for Vacation?

Emma W. December 12, 2021

Hawaii is a stunning state that almost everyone knows about. Millions of tourists and families travel there every year for vacation. But what makes it such a popular place? In 2019, there were around...


Woman Takes Selfie with Zoo Jaguar

Mia R., Editor April 8, 2019

There are certain rules that have to be followed at a zoo. One lady took no notice of one of the most obvious rules: do not climb over the railing guarding the animal exhibits. Well, that’s exactly what...

selectively breed teacup puppy

Why Selective Breeding Should Be Banned

Angie M., Editor October 24, 2017

Selective breeding is a cruel way of ‘creating’ the perfect pet.   This is the way humans choose specific traits or characteristics to be passed from parent(s) to offspring in animals. Most...

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