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Man with Trump Mask Vandalizes Vehicle In Mission Viejo

There has been many weird things surrounding our president, but this just might be the weirdest

Ocie M., Reporter

June 5, 2019

  Donald Trump is often in the news, for good or bad.  Now, it’s not him, but a man committing several acts of vandalism posing as Donald Trump.  His motives are unclear, and not much information is known about the man.  As of now, he is in the Orange County Jail. What could the man’s...

“Human Uber” Lets You Pay Someone To Live Your Life For You

Concept art of the Human Uber

Tori P., Editor

February 21, 2018

People in this generation are extremely lazy. They normally aren’t really in the mood to get out of bed in the morning to go to work or hang out with friends. Shockingly, Japanese tech titan Rekimoto Labs solved that problem. Recently, they invented something called a Chameleon Mask. This mask is worn by ...

The Axolotl

Wow, what a weird looking lizard

Jewlyssa M., Reporter

February 5, 2018

The axolotl or Mexican walking fish is a type of salamander that is found in Xochimilco Lake in Mexico City, Mexico. The axolotl is an endangered species, due to the fact that the Xochimilco Lake is drying up. Although the axolotl is an endangered species, it is being raised in captivity in Mexico. ...

Top 5 Oddest Expensive Items

how to buy a gold-plated monopoly board

Young K., Editor

January 23, 2018

Many people dream of owning a vast wealth that lets them buy whatever they want, and whenever they want. From luxurious sports cars to grandiose homes, the options are endless for the neverending list of what we want. But sometimes, items are priced at a painstakingly high value, and no one is expec...

Super Weird Holidays


Angie M., Editor

January 23, 2018

A holiday can be a day of fun, or seriousness in which people around the world put aside their daily activities to celebrate something. Different cultures/ethnicities/religions observe holidays fitting to their custom(s). There are a plethora of holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, are a ...

See Through Walls With Walabot

A person staring at a wall, with possible x-ray vision

Emmy L., Reporter

December 21, 2017

In July of 2014, a project to create something that allows people see through walls was born. Found at prices from $149-$599 depending on the model, this affordable and amazing device is known today as Walabot. With Walabot, people can see up to four inches (10 cm) deep into drywall and concrete. This...

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