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Is Yellowstone Volcano About to Erupt?

Scientists worry that the Yellowstone super volcano is about to erupt.

Amrit R., Reporter

May 8, 2019

The Yellowstone Supervolcano and the park, in general, has been a tourist favorite to visit, but the tours that lead up to the volcano are currently closed due to 127 earthquakes that hit the volcano two weeks ago causing many fissures within the volcano. The biggest concern with the fissures is the 100ft ...

The Blue Lava Volcano, Kawah Ijen

Blue Lava

Jonathan Y., Reporter

January 22, 2019

The vast variety of volcanoes won’t outstand this volcano in Indonesia. Blue lava erupts from this volcano, practically invisible in daylight, but an astounding sight in the night. Kawah Ijen is truly a great beauty that has come from nature. Science shows that blue is the hottest color. Blue colored flame...

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Erupts

The Kilauea Volcano eruption

Krista K., Reporter

May 24, 2018

On Friday, May 4th, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit the residents of the Big Island of Hawaii. This was produced by the Kilauea Volcano and became the strongest earthquake since 1975. As a result, many people had to evacuate and numerous homes and structures were destroyed. Soon after this earthquake, Haw...

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