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Is Cyberpunk 2077 Going to Live Up to the Hype?

The logo of the new game of Cyberpunk 2077.

Zachary T., Reporter

March 11, 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 has some of the most hype a game has ever received because of the significant advancements it is making in the gaming industry. The game is designed for next-gen systems like the Xbox series x and gaming pcs, but it will also be on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This game is being hyped up ...

Video Gaming Addictions in South Korea

hahaha gamer rise up am I right fellow members of society

Cameron O., reporter

November 26, 2019

In Seoul, an addicted young middle schooler constantly avoided his grandmother in order to play video games . He was always locked in his bedroom, while she looked out on the veranda window watching him glued to the screen. His addiction led him to sneak out to cyber cafes, still avoiding his grandma whil...

Smash Ultimate Review

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Alyssa W., Reporter

January 8, 2019

Link quickly dodges Mario’s fireball only to get hit by Kirby’s hammer, flying off the stage with 280 damage. It may seem like all is lost, but not quite. Link uses his spin attack, propelling himself up and manages to grab onto the edge of the stage. He jumps up to confront Pikachu, who taunts hi...

Revolutionary Games and Their Impact on Modern Gaming

Game Controllers

Evan W., Reporter

January 8, 2019

Over the years, technology has been improving. Not just technology that help with everyday lives, but also in entertainment. Modern-day entertainment like music, animation, and gaming have been improving through time. As time passed, new games have been released, and some were revolutionary, which chang...

Fortnite Changes Video Game Industry

Fortnite Changes Video Game Industry

Nathan L., Reporter

May 23, 2018

Many people know of Fortnite:Battle Royale, one of the most popular new games of 2018 . It went from simply beta-testing for the game, to a record-breaking game with over 40 million players around the world, and it still continues to grow at a rapid pace. When Fortnite was first released, it was origin...

Do Video Games Make People More Violent?

video games

Elliot K., Reporter

May 10, 2018

Today, there are many violent games that possibly influence people’s behavior. Many popular games such as Call of Duty, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and even animated games like Fortnite or Overwatch can make kids more violent. There are many pieces of evidence that show that video games can ...

Are Video Games Bad for Teens?

Video Game Console

Faith Q., Reporter

March 20, 2018

This question had been debated over the period of time video games came to be. Serving as a new form of entertainment, people soon discovered that there were pros and cons to playing these addicting and enjoyable programs. There are questions to be answered, like are violent video games really affecting th...

The Art of Game Design

Video game controller.

Colin M., Reporter

March 5, 2018

It has been 50 years since the very first video game was ever released on any platform, and video games have evolved much since then. One thing has stayed the same throughout all of video game history. The successful games are the ones that used proper game design. Many people believe that anyone who ...

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