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Online Versus Traditional Learning- Which is Better?

Online Versus Traditional Learning- Which is Better?

Alyssa W., reporter

June 12, 2019

The modern school system that everyone knows today emerged in the 1760s, and even now the basic principles haven’t changed. However, while education has always been done face-to-face, there is a new type of schooling on the rise, online learning. This method brings up a new debate- which is better- ...

Orcas vs. Sharks

A deadly orca

Nathan N., Reporter

December 21, 2017

        When asked the question, what is the ocean’s biggest predator, many would think of the great white shark. Although this could be a true statement,  a recent article has shown that the great white shark is afraid of the killer whale. Killer whales or orcas have been known to prey o...

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