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Best Places to go in Vancouver

Best Places to go in Vancouver

Sahana G., Editor February 24, 2021

Vancouver has some of the best places to go in the beautiful, snowy country of Canada. While there are hundreds of things to do and places to visit, here are some of the best. Vancouver is a place where...

This is a picture showing an aspect of the Japanese culture.

Top Places To Visit In Japan

Ethan Y., Editor April 17, 2020

When people hear the word Japan, they immediately think about sushi, ramen, anime, along with samurai and ninjas. The truth is, there are a lot more than just those few stereotypical thoughts, and Japan...

Picture of Andrew McCutchen, who was the star player of the terrible Pittsburgh Pirates

The Worst Sports Teams of the 2000s

Tushaar M., Editor April 24, 2018

Many teams that were dominant during the early 2000s are still strong and dominant to this day. Teams such as the Spurs or the Patriots have been near the top of the ladder every season in the past decade....

Joe DiMaggio record has yet to be broken since he played in 1941

Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records In Sports

Connor N., Reporter April 23, 2018

One of the most cherished parts of sports are the records the great players of the past hold as well as the rising stars in sports today. Records are more than just a title that a player owns, a record...

Aaron Rodgers

Top 5 Best Quarterbacks Under 35

Faith Q., Reporter December 15, 2017

Football is a huge part of the American culture, and in the world of football, there are an immense amount of talented quarterbacks. Years of training and hard work have got them where they are now, at...

The Heisman Trophy

Heisman Trophy Candidates

Andrew H., Reporter December 15, 2017

The Heisman Trophy is the most valuable player anyone from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) can win (generally from a good division 1 school). This year, mostly quarterbacks and halfbacks...

Munchkin cat

Top 5 Cutest Animals

Katrina W, Reporter December 12, 2017

Sometimes everyone needs a small furry friend to curl up on the couch with, snuggling into the crevices made by dad’s bulging belly. They’re cute, fuzzy, warm, and all around adorable, so who wouldn’t...

The endangered saola

Top 5 Endangered Animals

William S., Reporter November 7, 2017

Animals are living creatures that should be protected. However, due largely to destruction of habitat, pollution, hunting, fishing, and exotic species, many species of animals have become endangered. The...

Dongdaemun Market (top left), N Seoul Tower (top right), Gyeongbokgung Palace (bottom left), and Lotte World (bottom right).

South Korea Must Go Attractions

William S., Reporter October 11, 2017

When someone goes on a trip, one of the most important aspects of their visit is the places that they will visit. This article will show the best places to go in South Korea in 2017. While there are many...

Open laptop on desk

Top 5 Best Laptops

Sean J. , Reporter February 28, 2017

Laptops are a technological innovation that proves to have a huge effect on our society today. They help people to research information for projects, businesses, or other important subjects. They also...

NFL Players

Top 5 Best Current Football Players

Sean J., Reporter January 31, 2017

Football is one of the most famous sports in the nation. Football players from all over the nation, face off and show their skill and savvy on the field. The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting events...

The cover of the Weeknds album, Starboy.

Top 5 Artists of 2016

Nathan C., Reporter January 31, 2017

Every year, artists of many different genres produce great music, and 2016 was no exception. Rap, pop and EDM were some of the most popular genres of this past year and is reflected in who the top artists...

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