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Jason M., editor

March 13, 2019

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The 2019 Oscars was a first in many ways. For the first time since 1989, there was no host in the Oscar ceremony after the planned host, Kevin Hart, received public backlash over homophobic jokes he had made. A host-less Oscars was a welcome change of pace for the Oscars. This year’s Oscar show was tw...

2017 Oscars Best Picture Mix-Up: Who’s to Blame?

2017 Oscars Best Picture Mix-Up: Who’s to Blame?

Mary C., Editor

March 14, 2017

Filed under Opinion

A lot of stuff happened at the Academy Awards on February 26th, 2017. The events that took place this year at the Oscars ranged from political, with some award recipients simply not coming to receive their award in protest of Donald Trump’s travel ban, to funny, with host Jimmy Kimmel poking fun at...

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