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Does Social Media Normalize Hateful Behavior?

Stephurie A., Editor May 18, 2022

Now more than ever, social media has become a major influence on today's youth. Social media isn’t always a terrible thing to be influenced by, as it may help people learn or explore new things, get...

Traveling can be great for the physical and mental health of someone

How Does Traveling Benefit Young People?

Maria B., Reporter December 8, 2021

Young adults and teens can benefit in many ways from traveling. As a young teen, traveling allows them to explore different environments and experience cultures that may not be seen in their daily lives....

A teenager who fell asleep while reading Big Nate in a chair.

How Much Sleep Should/Does an Average Teen Get and Why

Noah K., Reporter October 8, 2019

Many people claim that the average teenager should get 9 hours of sleep, while they usually get 7-7 ½ hours of sleep. The amount of sleep that everyone needs gets lower depending on age. While newborns...

Video Game Console

Are Video Games Bad for Teens?

Faith Q., Reporter March 20, 2018

This question had been debated over the period of time video games came to be. Serving as a new form of entertainment, people soon discovered that there were pros and cons to playing these addicting and...

Social Media Icons

Is Social Media bad for you?

Heleni N., Editor January 22, 2018

Social media had taken over the world, and it’s difficult to think that, only some years back, people thought the internet was not going to progress. However, about 40% of the world's population today...

Teenagers have feelings, too!

How To Make A Teenager Happy

Bianca M. , Editor in Chief May 23, 2017

Happiness surrounds us all, and everybody has experienced what it is like to feel this way. Everyone has a different definition as to what happiness is and what it means, but there is no doubt that people...

Worsening Depression in Teens

Worsening Depression in Teens

Naomi H., Assistant Editor December 6, 2016

In our world today, we have been taken deeper into the saddening world of depression. There many factors contributing to the rising number of majorly depressed teenagers. Research shows that 90% of suicidal...

Top 5 Popular Youtubers Among Teens

Top 5 Popular Youtubers Among Teens

Victoria L., Reporter December 6, 2016

Most teenagers roam on social media and watch their favorite shows or look at content on Youtube. Most even have favorite YouTubers such as the famous Pewdiepie and Nigahiga and subscribe to their channels....

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