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Teacher Spotlight Mr. Aronson

Mr. Aronson

Allen E., Reporter

May 2, 2019

Mr. Aronson is one of Kraemer’s social science teachers who couldn’t wish for a better job. He previously taught a 6th grade class and specialized in social science but when a social studies teacher position opened up at Kraemer, he immediately left his job to choose the career that he would enjoy ...

LA Unified Teachers on Strike

Teachers on Strike

Darrius H., Reporter

January 24, 2019

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest school district in the United States. The strike that will occur will be one of the thoughts people have about LAUSD. On Thursday, January 10, more than 30,000 members from United Teachers Los Angeles plan to go on strike. Near the star...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Filipescu

Mrs. Filipescu in her classroom with a student.

Reese M., Reporter

October 9, 2018

Meet Mrs. Filipescu, a unique and expressive 7th and 8th-grade Spanish teacher at Kraemer Middle School. In her room, #408, Mrs. Filipescu doesn’t have any desk and rarely gives out worksheets because she teaches using the method, TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). She has been...

Staff Spotlight-Mrs. Sabia

A picture of Ms. Sabia.

Savannah K., Reporter

March 1, 2018

Mrs. Sabia is a wonderful math teacher for seventh-grade students. Not only does she teach straight seventh-grade math, but she also teachers 7th-8th grade accelerated. She has been teaching here at Kramer for three  years and before that taught for two years at other schools in the PYLUSD district....

Does Homework Help or Hurt Students’ Academic Growth?

Child working on homework.

Andrew H., Reporter

January 22, 2018

The thing that all students dread about school the most is homework. The purpose of homework is to help students learn more about a certain topic that they are currently learning in class. However, many teachers and students believe that too much homework doesn’t help students at all. The unwritten ...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dedrick

Mrs. Dedrick at her daughter's wedding.

Charis P., Editor

January 22, 2018

Mrs. Dedrick is a Math teacher here at Kraemer. This year, she teaches Math 7 and Math 8, as well as 8th-grade math lab. She has been teaching for 34 years and has also taught in Provo, Utah, Los Angeles Unified, and Corona-Norco Unified, but she says that teaching at Kraemer is the best by far. Mrs...

Why Teachers Should be Paid More


Charis P., Editor

January 17, 2018

Teachers are an important part of society. Not only do they teach, write, and help students, but they also do so much more. Unfortunately, though, they aren’t receiving the pay that they deserve.  Here is why they should be paid more. One reason as to why teachers should be paid more is that they o...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Gunderson

Mr. Gunderson holding his daughter.

Young K., Editor

February 15, 2017

Mr. Gunderson is the current conductor for the Kraemer Band and Jazz Band. He is a hardworking, funny teacher that always does his best to prepare the band for upcoming marching events, and concerts. He got his degree at Cal State Fullerton and began his work at Svelleback High School. His next sch...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Kane

Photo of Mr. Kane

Regina J., Reporter

January 5, 2017

Mr. Kane is currently a 7th-grade science and physical education teacher here at Kraemer Middle School. His students love having him as a teacher because of his humorous attitude and positive energy. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Kane went to four different colleges and universities. He attended Cal S...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Evola

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Evola

Christopher Y., Reporter

October 17, 2016

Mr. Evola is currently a science teacher at Kraemer Middle School.  Mr. Evola has been a teacher for 9 years.  He taught the subject, science, at Kraemer for 5 years, but before he taught at Kraemer, he taught at Environmental Charter School for 4 years. Also, before he formed his career around edu...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Zamora

Mrs. Zamora and her hubby

Kyle W., Reporter

October 3, 2016

Mrs. Zamora is the language arts teacher at Kraemer that has a keen sense of humor and is a teacher that everyone loves. Ryan Huh says,“She is funny, exciting like a Pikachu, awesome and I’m lucky to have a teacher like her. ”She is 28 years old and she has been teaching for 6 years. However, ...

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