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Many underrated musicians stray from the distinct pop sound.

Underrated but Talented Artists

Muirelle P, Reporter June 9, 2022

The pop sounds of the music industry drown out the individual sounds of smaller artists. With such a dominating norm having a chokehold on the industry, artists whose unique melodies and beats diverge...

Is luck or skill a heavier variable?

Does luck have any relation with one’s success?

Noelle W., Editor February 15, 2022

The American dream. The all-consuming holy grail of many American lives. The dream to be “rich and successful.” And of course, the first step is to work hard and get good grades. Society assumes the...

A basketball player ready to go for the shot.

Athletes with Amazing Hidden Talents

Allison M., Reporter January 31, 2017

Athletes are known for delivering stunning performances during big games or competitions. Whether it’s on the court or the field, their amazing abilities shine, but that isn’t all they are good at....

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