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Should Students be Required to Volunteer?

Should Students be Required to Volunteer?

Adrian M., Reporter May 31, 2022

What is it to volunteer? Volunteering is the act of offering a helping hand without any payment required. Volunteering can be a very beneficial thing for you and the community you're in for various reasons...

A group of students wearing uniforms  after another day of school.

Should Schools Require Uniforms?

Ben V., Reporter October 8, 2019

Students and scholars around the world have been debating a topic that has been lingering between the students and teachers for a long time. The controversial question that is argued is if students should...

Stanford is a prestigious and well known school, but it has recently had an admissions scandal.

Stanford Admission Scandal

William S., Editor May 8, 2019

Stanford is one of the top schools in the world, prestigious and known for its academics, wealth, and great reputation as a school. However, it has recently had scandals in which students have been accepted...

A collection of photos from the performance assembly

Performance Assembly

K. Smith, Adviser May 2, 2019

On April 25th, Kraemer students showcased their incredible talents in two assemblies.  The first assembly was performed in the morning for the incoming 6th graders. Those students had the opportunity...

Education is an important part of society. Should the United States raise the intensity of education?

The Education System in Finland

Ocie M., Reporter March 18, 2019

From Youtube videos to online news websites, many people have started critiquing the  quality of the U.S. education system. They argue that every student is taught the same way, standardized tests are...

A picture of Ellie P.

Student Spotlight: Ellie P.

Charis P., Editor April 11, 2018

Elizabeth P. is an 8th-grade GATE student who attends Kraemer Middle School. On campus, she is best known by her nickname, “Ellie.” Around school, Ellie is well-liked by her teachers, friends, and...

Bubble gum balls in a bowl.

Should Gum be Allowed on School Grounds?

Katrina W, Reporter January 23, 2018

Chew, blow, and POP! These are three things many students dream of when they are sitting in a boring classroom, their fingers tapping on a desk, listening to their teacher go on and on about inequalities...

Justin C. posing with his favorite books at his favorite location in Kraemer.

Student Spotlight- Justin C.

Jayden M., Editor November 8, 2017

Justin C. is an eighth grader currently attending Kraemer Middle School. He is thirteen and will be turning fourteen as of May. Justin was born in Northern California in 2004 and moved to Southern California...

Kramer student Chloe C.

Student Spotlight: Chloe C.

Allison M., Reporter March 14, 2017

Chloe C. is currently a seventh grader attending Kraemer Middle School. She is a hard-working student and supportive friend, which are some of the reasons why she is a great person to be around. Chloe...

How Homework Benefits Students

How Homework Benefits Students

Joseph P., Editor January 17, 2017

Almost all students are assigned homework on a daily basis. However, not all of them enjoy or think much of their homework. On the topic of homework, many questions arise, such as why do some students...

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