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Student Spotlight: Rachel G.

Yirehm S., Reporter January 23, 2022

Rachel is an 8th grade student in Kraemer Middle School. Rachel also likes to go by Kengi or Ken. She is 14 years old, her birthday is on December 3rd. Rachel has 8 other siblings; seven brothers and one...

Sydney R. at Kraemer Middle School

Student Spotlight: Sydney R.

Samantha C., Editor January 5, 2022

Sydney R. is a bubbly, dramatic, and optimistic student. She loves dogs, especially her dog, Daisy Muffin Face. She also loves her friends, whom she is always supportive of and kind towards. Some of her...

Julia smiling at the camera

Student Spotlight: Julia N.

Quyen N., Editor December 3, 2021

Julia N is a 7th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. She is a funny and adventurous 13-year-old whom everyone should get to know. Julia's family is made up of her mother, Tola, father,...

Student Spotlight: Chloe L.

Student Spotlight: Chloe L.

Isabelle P., Reporter December 3, 2021

  Kind, considerate, and studious, Chloe L. is many things. Whether it be school, sports, or extracurricular activities, this 8th grader puts all her effort into everything she does. Outside of...

Student Spotlight- Kai. D

Student Spotlight- Kai. D

Jonah V., Reporter October 19, 2021

Kai D. is a student attending Kraemer Middle School. Kai was very nervous to start middle school, coming from Tynes Elementary, but he is doing well. He is 12 years old in 7th grade doing all GATE classes....

Student Spotlight - Audrey W.

Student Spotlight – Audrey W.

Ivanna M., Reporter October 18, 2021

Kind, funny, and charismatic, Audrey W. is a star student. Audrey always puts all her effort into everything she does whether, it's baking, dancing, or school work. When she is with friends, she always...

Student Spotlight - Naina B.

Student Spotlight – Naina B.

Prisha D., Editor June 7, 2021

She is a friend, baker, artist, sister, daughter, and classmate. She is one of the sweetest people ever and is always ready to help others out. This 8th grader is intelligent, talented, and a hard worker...

Student Spotlight - Leslie P.

Student Spotlight – Leslie P.

Kailani C., Reporter April 12, 2021

Leslie P is a 7th-grade student attending Kraemer Middle School. For her electives this year, she has Avid and Art. But for 8th grade, she wants to have Japanese, and she also wants to continue to take...

Student Spotlight – Irene K.

Agnes L., Editor March 16, 2021

Irene K. is a 7th-Grader from Woodsboro. She lives with her mom, dad, and her brother, twin brother Jesse. At Kraemer, her electives are Advanced Orchestra and Science Olympiad. Her favorite subject is...

Student Spotlight - Giulia D.

Student Spotlight – Giulia D.

Agnes L., Editor March 1, 2021

Giulia D. is a seventh-grader at Kraemer who is in the GATE program. Her electives are Spanish and Speech & Drama. She likes Spanish because learning languages is interesting and enjoyable for her....

Student Spotlight - Dahmi L.

Student Spotlight – Dahmi L.

Yena K., Editor February 25, 2021

Dahmi L. is a seventh-grade GATE student at Kraemer Middle School. She is currently 12-years-old and has Yearbook and Band for her elective. She decided to pick Yearbook as one of her electives because...

Student Spotlight - Ali S.

Student Spotlight – Ali S.

Miranda C., Reporter February 1, 2021

Ali S. is a 12-year-old 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School.  Before she came to Kraemer she attended Morse Elementary School.  Even though Ali is new to Kraemer, she still has many friends.  Some friends...

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