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New Staff at Kraemer

KMS staff in front of the school's library looking fabulous

Shiven J., Editor

October 8, 2019

A fresh new year starts at Kraemer with new staff and different seventh graders. Every year, new kids are coming to school, but this year there is a lot of new Kraemer staff. There are many teachers, as well as a new principal.  To start us off with this fresh year, we have a new principal, Mr.Young. ...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dedrick

Mrs. Dedrick at her daughter's wedding.

Charis P., Editor

January 22, 2018

Mrs. Dedrick is a Math teacher here at Kraemer. This year, she teaches Math 7 and Math 8, as well as 8th-grade math lab. She has been teaching for 34 years and has also taught in Provo, Utah, Los Angeles Unified, and Corona-Norco Unified, but she says that teaching at Kraemer is the best by far. Mrs...

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