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Trees covered in spider webs

Giant Spider Webs Cover Greek Beach

Colin M., Co-Editor in Chief November 6, 2018

Halloween decorators all around the world should take inspiration from this bizarre natural phenomenon. In the northern area of Greece’s Lake Vistonida, people were shocked to find that the entire beach...

Death Valley looking hot

Most Dangerous Places On Earth

Faith Q., Reporter February 5, 2018

On this planet, there are many beautiful and amazing places. Of course, there also has to be dangerous places where no humans would dare venture.   Fraser Island, Australia On the surface,...

sp0Oky bendy trees in Poland

Top 5 Mysterious Places On Earth

Erin K., Reporter January 23, 2018

Dozens of mysterious places remain on Earth unexplained. Even with the help of science and the knowledge of historians, there are some regions that refuse to give up their mystique. Here is a list of the...

A deadly orca

Orcas vs. Sharks

Nathan N., Reporter December 21, 2017

        When asked the question, what is the ocean’s biggest predator, many would think of the great white shark. Although this could be a true statement,  a recent article has shown that the...

A spooky ghost

Ghosts Caught On Camera at Stanley Hotel

Andrew H., Reporter October 25, 2017

  Ghosts are known to be dead spirits that are almost or completely invisible. These ghosts are generally fantasy or horror creatures. Many have claimed to see ghosts but there hasn’t been a...

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