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Are there planets that are suitable to be colonized?

Should we colonize other planets?

Evelyn Y., Editor June 7, 2022

One quick glance at history will showcase humanity’s tremendous curiosity and desire to explore the solar system. Movies ranging from WALL-E to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial have all heightened public interest...

A picture of the earth and an astronaut from space

Should Space Be Colonized?

Adrian M., Reporter May 23, 2022

What is space? Space is a physical, boundless, three-dimensional universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Space contains stars, planets, asteroids, and comets that get made into galaxies and quasars that...

The Scientific Reason NASA Sanitizes Spacecrafts Before Going to Mars

The Scientific Reason NASA Sanitizes Spacecrafts Before Going to Mars

Donald D., Reporter May 23, 2022

    NASA has been known for its breakthroughs in space exploration, such as launching the first humans to the Moon or sending rovers to Mars. But, these difficult tasks do not come without hard work...

Evidence of Possible Planet Outside Milky Way

Evidence of Possible Planet Outside Milky Way

Isabelle P., Reporter December 14, 2021

 An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star outside of one’s solar system. Over the past years, 4,500 exoplanets have been discovered in all, but these planets have only been found in the Milky Way...

Perseverance rover on Mars collecting data

Perseverance Rover Confirms Existence of an Ancient Lake on Mars

Sajni S., Editor November 18, 2021

On February 18, 2021, NASA successfully landed the Perseverance rover on Mars. Since then, it has collected thousands of little pieces of information that helped scientists make many discoveries that will...

Perserverance Rover

What it Took to Get Perseverance to Mars.

Nick S., Reporter March 18, 2021

Advance space exploration has been on the minds of many people throughout generations. On July 20, 1969, the first human-piloted spacecraft landed on the moon, making history. Ever since then, NASA has...

NASA  has worked towards gender equality  by designing space suits for men and women.

NASA is Developing a New Spacesuit

Ryan S., Reporter November 5, 2019

In the wake of an age that strives for equality, NASA is creating a spacesuit appropriate for both men and women. NASA’s project has proven to be a major step in equalizing their suits’ capabilities...

SpaceXs CEO, Elon Musk, announces his plans on colonizing Mars.

SpaceX Presentation: Starship and BFR

Tyler K., Editor November 5, 2019

It’s that time of year again… Yup another starship presentation from Elon Musk himself. If handling Tesla and SolarCity wasn’t enough, get a load of this. Recently on September 28, 2019, SpaceX held...

Mars Rover

Mar’s InSight Rover

Jason M., Co-Editor-in-Chief December 19, 2018

After traveling through space for over 7 months, NASA’s InSight Rover safely landed on the surface of Mars on Tuesday. Scientists will be assessing any damage to the rover in the upcoming days and it...

Two galaxies colliding

Two Satellite Galaxies Conflicted ‘Recently’

Darrius H., Reporter November 27, 2018

People on Earth living near the Southern Hemisphere are able to see two luminous clouds not too far from the Milky Way. These two clouds are known as the Small Magellanic Cloud, SMC, and the Large Magellanic...

SpaceX Rocket Boosters Returning to Earth

SpaceX Rocket Launches

Darrius H., Reporter October 23, 2018

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, more commonly called SpaceX, has helped humanity explore new reaches of technology and space. The latest launch as of October 10, 2018, was on October 7, 2018,...

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - JUNE 03:  In this handout provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, with the Dragon spacecraft onboard, launches from pad 39A at NASAs Kennedy Space Center on June 3, 2017 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Dragon is carrying almost 6,000 pounds of science research, crew supplies and hardware to the International Space Station in support of the Expedition 52 and 53 crew members. The unpressurized trunk of the spacecraft also will transport solar panels, tools for Earth-observation and equipment to study neutron stars. This will be the 100th launch, and sixth SpaceX launch, from this pad. Previous launches include 11 Apollo flights, the launch of the unmanned Skylab in 1973, 82 shuttle flights and five SpaceX launches. (Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images)

NASA Space X Mission

Kevin R., Reporter June 6, 2018

NASA Space X is an advanced rocket manufacturer. They make many space stations and rockets. One of the rockets was launched on May 11, 2018. This rocket is called the Falcon 9 which releases a small spacecraft...

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