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Upcoming Tech

Within the last few years, phone manufacturers are adding multiple camera lenses on their midrange and high end phones. (You will always have dust on the phone when taking up-close shots...)

Andrew S., Reporter

April 29, 2020

The world is full of new and exquisite technology, such as mobile phones and computers. Every day, tech companies are working towards making new devices for the public to enjoy. From laptops to huge, heavy gaming PC’s, the major companies in the tech business are continuing to pump out as many products as...

Venom Review

A Venom statue apart of a slideshow

Jack R., Reporter

November 6, 2018

On October 25th, the movie Venom came out. This movie is rated PG-13 for some very high levels of action, violence, and language. The movie is apart of Sony and Marvel. Since 2017, the two companies have been incorporation. Famous actor Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock/ Venom, famous actress Michelle William...

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