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Early December Fortnite Updates

Early December Fortnite Updates

William S., Editor

January 8, 2019

Filed under Features

The long-awaited Season Seven of Fortnite has been released in early December. There have been many map changes, updates, and new vehicles that have been added into the current season. Epic Games has once again made Fortnite into an interesting game through their constant changes and additions. The...

How Can Snow Affect a Football Game?

How Can Snow Affect a Football Game?

Andrew N., Reporter

November 6, 2018

Filed under Sports

Almost all sports games are played outside on a field with paint on the ground to know where the game lines are. Now imagine if there were snow everywhere on America’s most popular sport, football. Football is a sport which the player would have to run and not get tagged to the opponent’s end zone. O...

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