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Students Opinions on Sleep

Students’ Opinions on Sleep

Samantha C., Editor March 30, 2022

Sleep is essential for a healthy and functioning body. It restores energy, slowing and relaxing the body to prepare it for the next day. Focus, alertness, and physical performance heavily rely on sleep....

A person sleeping peacefully

How significant is a healthy sleep schedule in one’s life?

Adrian M., Reporter March 28, 2022

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body when your body reduces muscle activity and inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement sleep and reduces interactions with...

Why Do People Snore?

Why Do People Snore?

Samantha C., Reporter February 8, 2022

Snoring is a problem that many people face. Whether it is themself or someone who sleeps near them, the noise can be disruptive for those trying to sleep. But what causes snoring, and how can they stop?     ...

A picture of a productive student sleeping in a class.

Scientists Find A Way To Resolve Issues During Sleep

Lauren N., Reporter January 9, 2020

Everyone everywhere has stress and problems that they have to fix, but might not have the resources to figure out a resolution for it. In the past, scientists have tried to figure out ways to lower the...

A teenager who fell asleep while reading Big Nate in a chair.

How Much Sleep Should/Does an Average Teen Get and Why

Noah K., Reporter October 8, 2019

Many people claim that the average teenager should get 9 hours of sleep, while they usually get 7-7 ½ hours of sleep. The amount of sleep that everyone needs gets lower depending on age. While newborns...

Dont loose sleep on this question.

How important is sleep?

Elio A., Reporter October 24, 2018

Sleep, a relaxing and energizing activity for all living things. Even if it just makes people feel good, how does it benefit them? Believe or not, sleep is a part of a person’s physical health. Sleeping...

A picture of one of the most commonly eaten foods that help with sleep, cherries.

Five Foods That Help With Sleep

Charis P., Editor March 20, 2018

In middle school and high school years especially, teens will often have to stay up late or have a hard time falling asleep. School work, sports, and personal issues can all become a factor for not being...

A sleeping child

Do Dreams Have Meaning Behind Them?

Natalie B., Reporter November 7, 2017

Having at most 4 to 6 dreams per night, although most are quickly forgotten, may leave people wondering what their dream meant or why it occurred.  Some are even convinced their dream may have predicted...

Why Sleep is So Important

Why Sleep is So Important

Allison M., Reporter December 6, 2016

Sleep is much more important than most people think. Not only does it provide someone with the necessary energy to keep them active throughout the day, but improves overall health and wellbeing. When sleeping,...

Squidward understands the importance of a little sleep.

Why Middle and High Schools Should Start Later

Alexis R., Reporter November 15, 2016

Teenagers usually fall asleep in class, or can’t focus on their work because of how tired they are. This is a reason why I think school should start later. Many high schools in the United States start...

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