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The finding of the 8000-year-old mummies led scientists to believe people who lived in Portugal mummified people before the Egyptians did.

The 8000-Year-Old Human Remains

Jesse K., Editor May 24, 2022

About 60 years ago, an archaeologist took photos of numerous skeletons buried in 8000-year-old graves in Sado Valley, Portugal. A new analysis of these skeletons led to the discovery that led to the conclusion...

An image of a crocodile, whose related species preyed on small dinosaurs.

New Species of Crocodile Found With a Small Dinosaur in its Stomach

Christopher S. , Reporter April 19, 2022

Recently, in Queensland, Australia, paleontologists uncovered a 95-million-year-old skeleton. The skeleton was a previously undiscovered species of crocodiles. That’s not all, though, because to their...

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