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Amazon Go Stores

Amazon Go Stores

Nisha A., Editor May 24, 2022

    Amazon Go stores are convenience stores located in the U.S. and the U.K. and controlled completely online. These stores are entirely cashier-less, with customers able to walk in, grab what they need,...

Pier 1 imports logo that is about to shut down

Pier 1 Imports Closes 450 Stores

Ryan S., Reporter January 28, 2020

Recently, Pier 1 Imports has confirmed that they will be closing 450 of their stores across Canada and the United States (around half of all their locations), citing that they were losing business to numerous...

Photo of a typical grocery store.

Should Dogs Be Allowed In Stores?

Bianca Z., Reporter May 24, 2018

Most dogs are not allowed in stores because it is against the health code where food is sold or served. In some stores that don’t sell food are mostly dog-friendly, but why aren’t dogs allowed in grocery...

Amazon, the online store where you can get fun things like these.

5 Fun Things To Buy On Amazon

Vivian W., Editor May 23, 2017 is the perfect place for satisfying people that want to buy some unnecessary items and knick knacks. Amazon has no physical stores and is only based digitally, not actual establishments where...

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