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Poway Synagogue Shooting

Governor Wolf Joins Pittsburgh in Mourning After Tragic Shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue last October

Jacqueline C., Reporter

May 22, 2019

eOn Satuday, April 28th, an act of terror and not terrorism took place. In Poway, California, there was a deadly shooting at a local synagogue. Jewish worshippers and bystanders were simply gathering for the last day of Passover when the tragedy struck. Police have identified the shooter as nineteen-year-ol...

Anti-Semitic Shooter Kills 11 People in Pittsburgh Synagogue

Trump visits synagogue memorial

Ocie M., Reporter

November 27, 2018

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania- In the early morning hours of October 27 at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Robert D. Bowers walked into the synagogue with an AR-15 and three handguns.  Killing 11 people and injuring 6 others in the deadliest attack on the Jewish American community, Bowers eventually surrendered a...

Thousand Oaks Shooting

The 12 victims of the Thousand Oaks Schooting

Jason M., Co-Editor-in-Chief

November 27, 2018

On Wednesday, November 8th, marine veteran Ian David Long opened fire inside the crowded Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. 12 were killed. Police first received a call of shots fired around 11:20 PM. Ian shot the guard outside of the bar and forced his way in. A young woman worki...

Santa Fe High School Shooting

The suspected school shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

Jasmine H., Reporter

June 6, 2018

In the US, there has been a devastating amount of 22 school shooting just this year. That is an average of more than 1 school shooting per week. 36 people have been killed so far in these school shootings. As of last Thursday, May 17, 2018, we would have been able to say that there were 26 people who h...

The Waffle House Shooting

A Waffle House restaurant

Jason M., Reporter

May 9, 2018

Just two months after the deadly Parkland School Shooting that killed 17 people, 29 year old Travis Reinking opened fire at a Waffle House in Nashville. Reinking drove up to the Nashville Waffle House in his pickup truck. At about 3:30 am, he shot and killed two people outside, before firing into the...

The Parkland School Shooting

An officer visits a survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting

Andrew H., Reporter

March 6, 2018

On February 14, a tragic school shooting occurred in Florida’s “safest city,” Parkland, Florida. This school is named Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The shooter was 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who had carried a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, and killed 17 high school students. Cruz arrived a...

The Problem With School Shootings

Students protesting the lack of action within the United States government.

Young K., Editor in Chief

March 6, 2018

On Wednesday, February 14, America was exposed, once again, to the danger of school shootings. Although this problem has existed for decades, and arguments against gun control pop up, they eventually die down. The endless cycle of innocent deaths just continues and the government seems to do nothing ...

Security Experts Predict Changes in the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas shooting location

Nathan N., Reporter

November 7, 2017

On the first of October, 2017, a gunman by the name of Stephen Paddock, unleashed his fury of gunfire on to a nearby concert at the Las Vegas Strip. This 64 year old man fired hundreds of rifle rounds from the Mandalay Bay Hotel onto the nearby concertgoers who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Fest...

San Bernardino Shooting

Students being watched over by police at North Park Elementary School

Sean J., Reporter

April 27, 2017

After being allowed onto the campus of North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, a 53-year-old Riverside man went to his wife's special education classroom and opened fire April 10, fatally shooting her and hitting two students before killing himself after, police said. He didn’t even say anyt...

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