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Viking Cruises Under Investigation

The Viking Sky recently was caught up in a huge storm, forcing the cruise ship to dock

Jason M., Co-Editor in Chief

April 23, 2019

On Monday, all 1,300 passengers on Viking Sky were on land with 9 hospitalized and one in critical condition. The Viking Sky set sail despite storm warnings on March 14. In between the Norwegian ports of Tromso and Stavanger, the ship’s engines failed and the crew sent out a mayday signal. A lack of ...

Sanchi Burning Tanker

a burning tanker

Tanay S., Reporter

January 23, 2018

Three days after the Sanchi collided with another ship on the border of Shanghai, China, this 900-foot tanker is still in flames, stranding the crew on the ship. Terrifying 10-foot waves and dangerous storms adding on to the fire make it nearly impossible to rescue the crew. Worst of all, Chinese off...

North Korea’s Mystery Ship, Hao Fan 6

a North Korean cargo ship

Tanay S., Reporter

January 16, 2018

On October 10, 2017, a cargo ship called the Hao Fan 6 was banned from every single port across the entire world after violating several laws in North Korea. The Hao Fan 6 was under South Korean control and was being tracked by Marine Traffic. It was continuously pinging on their radar until 11:17 p.m....

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