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Quarter 4 Success

Tips For Being Successful in Quarter Four

Isabelle P., Reporter June 8, 2022

With the third quarter just ending, grades have been entered into Aeries, and report cards become finalized. Whether they be average, exceptional, or below average, these grades showcase the student’s...


Best Ways to be Productive

Chelsea C., Reporter June 1, 2022

When doing tasks or goals, it is best to be productive and organized. Here are some ways to be productive at all times.  Making a reasonable to-do list is one of them. To-do lists often fail because...

As the competition to become doctors becomes fiercer than ever, some have resorted to cheating to pass these exams.

An Indian Medical Student Was Caught With An Implanted Device In His Ear

Jonah V., Reporter May 24, 2022

On February 21, 2022, a shocking scandal occurred at a college in Indore, India. This particular Monday, an anonymous Indian medical student was caught before an exam with a Bluetooth device surgically...

Four smart phones in a circle

Should Smartphones Be Banned in Schools?

Dylan C., Reporter May 23, 2022

With recent advancements in technology, it isn’t surprising that some would want to crack down on it. However, some of these technological advancements help students in various ways. Even if it might...

A typical school lunch in South Korea might look like this.

School Lunch Around the World

Emily B., Reporter March 21, 2022

The typical American school lunch may look something like pizza, apples, and milk. Some people consider lunchtime meals for kids to be the most important meal of the day. Of course, each country’s school...

School uniforms can cause lots of problems

Should Schools Enforce a Dress Code?

Jacqueline S., Reporter December 15, 2021

Schools across the country have implemented a dress code or rules and restrictions as to what students can and cannot wear. The way students dress is a way to express themselves. In some schools, they...

Kraemers school logo

Electives at Kraemer Middle School

Sajni S., Editor October 19, 2021

From Orchestra to Exploratory Wheel, from Online Newspaper to Computer Applications, there are many options to choose from when deciding what electives to take for the year. While there is the possibility...

Dress Codes

Dress Codes

Sahana G., Editor June 1, 2021

School dress codes are a great way to keep students from making mistakes regarding clothing, but some rules are unnecessary. Many dress codes are meant for girls and people of color, which is wrong in...

This is what dreadlocks look like. This is what got banned.

Dreadlocks are cultural, not disgraceful

Hannah M., Editor March 12, 2020

On December 27th, 2018, wrestler Andrew Johnson was told to cut his dreads. This year in January, high school student DeAndre Arnold was told by officials at his school, Barbers Hill, to cut his dreads...

A growing child learning how to handle money as part of life skills classes.

Should Schools Have Mandatory Life Classes

Noah K., Reporter March 10, 2020

While schools may teach subjects like math, history, science, and language arts, they don’t teach life skills. 18-year-olds go out into the world without any knowledge of what to do or how to provide...

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Anselle P., Reporter March 6, 2020

Matthew Y. is currently an eighth grader attending Kraemer Middle School. His electives are Spanish and Biology. As a seventh-grader, he took Chamber Orchestra but wanted to switch to Biology knowing he...

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has a long tradition of pride.

The History of PYLUSD

Lauren N., Reporter December 18, 2019

The history of the Placentia-Yorba-Linda School District has dated all the way back to 1834 when the Spanish government gave Bernardo Yorba a land grant of 13,328 acres. Bernardo Yorba died in 1858, and...

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