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The Ectomobile is the iconic vehicle the featured in all of the Ghostbuster movies.

The Ghostbusters Franchise

Pedro G., Reporter June 8, 2022

Ghosts are considered myths and fake spooky characters in stories because people don’t know if they actually exist and haunt houses and neighborhoods, but that is because some of them are invisible and...

The Most Popular Urban Legends

The Most Popular Urban Legends

Kailani C., Reporter February 19, 2021

What is an Urban legend? An urban legend is a story that appears mysterious and spreads spontaneously in various forms and is usually false. It contains elements of horror and humor and is believed by...

spooky scary pumpkin heads? eating all the candy! uh oh

Why Do People Get Scared?

Mycah D., reporter December 18, 2019

  Fear, is something that happens to a person when we experience something that happens like when there is a threat or something that gives people anxiety or makes people feel not safe around....

A scary clown mask commonly seen in scary movies.

Upcoming Scary Movies

Mia N., reporter April 10, 2019

Scary movies, it can either scare viewers or make viewers rethink the whole plot depending on the film.  Last year’s horror movies such as Halloween, Terrifier, and The Quiet Place were considerative...

What??!! No seat belts?!

The World’s Most Extreme Ski Lifts

Charis P., Reporter March 28, 2017

Ski lifts can come in all different shapes and sizes, but only few have the “X factor.” Whether it’s their innovative design, nerve-wracking ride, or memorable aura, some ski lifts can offer more...

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