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Human Speed Records

Over the years, people all over the world have achieved insane records for speed.

Allen E., Reporter

March 19, 2019

Out of the 7.7 billion people on the planet, only a few of them have managed to make an appearance in the Guiness World Record book with their incredible speeds. Some speed records aren’t even contestable, while others are nearly tied by a fraction of a second. Most speed records are just insanely...

Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records In Sports

Joe DiMaggio record has yet to be broken since he played in 1941

Connor N., Reporter

April 23, 2018

One of the most cherished parts of sports are the records the great players of the past hold as well as the rising stars in sports today. Records are more than just a title that a player owns, a record is something an athlete deserves from all the work he or she puts in their career day in and day out...

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