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Should Puerto Rico become a state?

Elio A,., Reporter April 23, 2019

Puerto Rico was a territory inherited by the United States near the end of the Spanish-American war. Puerto Rico has had a long feud of whether it should become America’s 51st state or not. It has been...

Hurricane Maria damage.

Puerto Rico has No Water or Electricity

Heleni N., Editor - Arts & Entertainment October 27, 2017

Having running water may be a common thing for many people in the United States, but in Puerto Rico it's a luxury. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and more than half the island has no water...

Hurricane Maria Briefing

Donald Trump Visits a Devastated Puerto Rico

William S., Reporter October 25, 2017

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico resulting in 45-90 billion dollars in damage and 45 deaths. The category 4 hurricane wiped out the communication system and the electrical power...

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