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Craziest Starbucks Drinks

Craziest Starbucks Drinks

Bianca M., Editor in Chief

May 8, 2017

From sweet frappuccinos to regular black coffee, Starbucks has the most creative coffee drinks you can ever imagine. There are simple hot drinks, such as macchiatos, lattes, and mochas, but there are also different flavored frappuccinos, such as the java chip frap, the caramel frap, and the mocha fra...

Top 10 Most Popular Movies in 2016

Top 10 Most Popular Movies in 2016

Vivian W., Editor

January 4, 2017

The children’s movies that you remember seeing back then are not the same as they are today. Children’s movies today are filled with humor and have vibrant graphics that make a movie more enjoyable than ever. These movies have been rated and reviewed by movie critics who look out for the fine detai...

Top Ten Most Popular Sports

Ellen K., Reporter

December 13, 2016

  From soccer to basketball, sports are often played throughout the world. Many wonder, “What is the most popular sport in the world?” That is exactly what this article answers! Below is a list of the top ten most popular sports.   1. Soccer- In terms of fans, soccer is clearly the m...

Top 5 Popular Youtubers Among Teens

Top 5 Popular Youtubers Among Teens

Victoria L., Reporter

December 6, 2016

Most teenagers roam on social media and watch their favorite shows or look at content on Youtube. Most even have favorite YouTubers such as the famous Pewdiepie and Nigahiga and subscribe to their channels. Youtube has been around for about 11 years and will soon be going for its 12th. It is also the se...

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