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Does Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Ruin Self-Esteem?

A person crying due to the ruin of their self-esteem.

Anselle P., Reporter

February 27, 2020

Today, many people spend thousands of dollars on a procedure called cosmetic plastic surgery in the hope that they will appear more attractive. Plastic surgery is a certain type of surgery that can change somebody’s physical appearance or the ability to function. The two main types of plastic surge...

Wild Bees Found Recycling Plastic

Water bottle which is half full so it shouldn't be wasted .

Darrius H., Editor in Chief

February 12, 2020

Most of the time, human consumption ends in plastic waste. With plastic building up in ecosystems around the world, it has proven to be detrimental to wildlife. However, a few animals such as bowerbirds and hermit crabs are using plastic to attract mates or use shells. In addition, Canadian and Argen...

Chemicals in Food Grade Plastic

Yogurt containers have a symbol on the bottom which labels their plastic grade.

Hannah M., Editor

October 28, 2019

The Earth is overwhelmed with plastic. It is in oceans, soil, and even food. When people eat or drink out of plastic cups, containers, straws, and plates, they are consuming plastic. This is because small particles of plastic can come off and into food. Researchers studied everything from yogurt cups to ...

Banning Plastic Straws- Will It Make a Difference?


Charis P., reporter

February 19, 2019

Throughout many cities in the United States, plastic straws are being banned. Starting in the year 2018, restaurants have stopped putting out straws or serving drinks with straws unless customers ask to have one. Starbucks has even agreed to stop giving out their green straws with their drinks by the...

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