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Are there planets that are suitable to be colonized?

Should we colonize other planets?

Evelyn Y., Editor June 7, 2022

One quick glance at history will showcase humanity’s tremendous curiosity and desire to explore the solar system. Movies ranging from WALL-E to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial have all heightened public interest...

A picture of the earth and an astronaut from space

Should Space Be Colonized?

Adrian M., Reporter May 23, 2022

What is space? Space is a physical, boundless, three-dimensional universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Space contains stars, planets, asteroids, and comets that get made into galaxies and quasars that...

How Will the Universe End?

How Will the Universe End?

Ethan L., Editor March 29, 2022

The universe is massive and expands millions of miles every minute, maybe even billions! It's a spacious and mysterious vacuum that contains many unidentified elements, planets, aliens, and other debatable...

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