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Should you go vegetarian?

Should you go vegetarian?

Annette B., Editor May 27, 2021

Lately, vegetarianism has been on the rise. There has always been a debate surrounding the vegetarian lifestyle, and mostly, people have been complacent about the diet. Vegetarians have many different...

A planet hidden within space clouds.


Naythan L., Reporter May 8, 2017

We’ve all looked up to the stars and wondered what life would be like on a different planet. Well that is what will happen if humans keep doing what they are doing, which is treating Earth like people...

Proxima B: Can We Live There?

Proxima B: Can We Live There?

Aayush D., Editor October 17, 2016

For years astronomers have been trying to find a planet where people can go to if Earth runs out of resources, or worse. Well, they think they finally have found a habitable exoplanet . An exoplanet is...

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