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A child holding a jar of coins

Should Children get an Allowance?

Chelsea C., Reporter May 31, 2022

Should kids get an allowance for doing chores or tasks? There are many pros and cons to giving children an allowance. Many pros can be teaching your kids about budgeting and learning to value money but...

Digital fun comes with consequences.

Toddler’s Screen Time May Cause Speech Delay

Ellen K. , Reporter June 7, 2017

With easy-to-access electronics around every corner, basically everyone has a phone or tablet lying around their house these days. Whether a child’s screen times are related to speech delays or not has...

Teenagers have feelings, too!

How To Make A Teenager Happy

Bianca M. , Editor in Chief May 23, 2017

Happiness surrounds us all, and everybody has experienced what it is like to feel this way. Everyone has a different definition as to what happiness is and what it means, but there is no doubt that people...

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