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Masks help reduce Covid-19 exposure

Should schools be able to mandate masks?

Jerry S., Editor November 15, 2021

In recent years, Covid-19 has been terrorizing the world with its deadly outbreaks. With the cases slowly declining, the majority of schools are going back in person. Many schools are trying to stop the...

It has been proved that the Covid-19 vaccine is good, but people still refuse to get it.

Should Public Service Workers Have Mandatory Vaccinations?

Nisha A., Editor November 15, 2021

Since the vaccine was approved, people have been arguing non-stop about whether or not the vaccine is safe and effective. Even though dozens of tests have shown that the vaccine is successful, people still...

Boat under Carnival Cruises

The Cruising Situation

Christopher S. October 19, 2021

Cruising used to be an excellent vacation option to relax and have a good time, but the current world situation has changed all of that. In 2020, all cruising industries were forced to stop business because...

The CDC reccomends people to always wear masks indoors

How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

Isabelle P., Reporter October 19, 2021

Over the course of the COVID 19 pandemic, travel between countries has been restricted to stop the spread of the virus. This ban has negatively impacted the economy in the tourism industry, along with...

Wearing a mask is important for everyones health

Why people can’t agree on wearing masks?

Isaac Y., Reporter October 18, 2021

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everyone now needs to wear a mask, and for many, it has become a normal way of life. But why can't people agree on wearing masks? First of all, they think...

Golden Globes 2021

Golden Globes 2021

Yena K., Editor April 13, 2021

The Golden Globes is a lavish event held every year and is known to be in second of importance to the Academy Awards (film) and Emmy Awards (television). At this ceremony, Golden Globe Awards are given...

Broadway Theaters Reopening

Broadway Theaters Reopening

Sahana G., Editor April 13, 2021

With the struggle of finding a good source of entertainment during the COVID pandemic, people are becoming more and more bored with everyday life, especially the people of New York. In 2018-2019, right...


The Truth Behind Coronavirus

Dante D., Reporter March 5, 2021

In these last months, many people have suffered more than any time that they can remember. The primary source of this misery is, of course, the Coronavirus and the many effects that the pandemic/lockdown...

COVID-19 Vaccine

How do the Coronavirus Vaccines work?

Annette B., Editor February 1, 2021

During the winter of 2019, a new strain of Coronavirus emerged, and in the following months, it ravaged the world, causing a worldwide pandemic. The new strain was renamed SARS-CoV-2 but is commonly referred...

Two Different Types of Masks

Do Masks Work?

Dante D., Reporter December 17, 2020

As we all know, 2020 has had some massive changes in store for humanity. Without a doubt, the biggest of these changes is learning to live with the Coronavirus. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost...

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