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A picture of the yeti crab, whose fur allows them to eat food.

Deep-Sea Adaptations

Brian C., Reporter May 9, 2022

Under the ocean, there are many strange creatures with weird adaptations. However, if someone were to dive deep into the darkest depths of the ocean, they’ll find even more extraordinary adaptations. One...

A black dragon fish

The Deep Dark Depths

Brian C., Reporter November 4, 2021

 The deep oceans. What hides beneath the waves? What mysteries are left to uncover in the depths? Humans know more about the moon than about the deep sea, and deep down are fascinating creatures that...

Soft Robot Withstands Crushing Pressure at the Oceans Greatest Depths

Soft Robot Withstands Crushing Pressure at the Ocean’s Greatest Depths

Nick S., Reporter June 7, 2021

As far back as time first started, there have always been things that we humans don’t know about the Earth. Whether it’s the endless, voidless space or how the universe was created, out of all the...

Kitefin Shark

Glow in the Dark Shark?!

Dorian D., Reporter April 29, 2021

Scientists have recently discovered a shark that can glow. These glowing sharks were found off the coast of New Zealand in the area of the ocean called Chatham Rise, and while it sounds like a city in...


The Lonely Whale

Dante D., Reporter January 12, 2021

The Lonely Whale foundation was founded in 2015, when actor-activist Adrian-Grenier along with producer Lucy Sumner heard the story of the loneliest whale in the ocean, singing at 52 hertz. The Lonely...

As we run out of natural resources and land, should we as humans turn towards floating cities?

Floating Cities, The Savior of Humankind

Colin M., Co-Editor in Chief May 7, 2019

As global warming gets more and more severe, scientists begin to worry about what the world will look like in several hundred years. It is predicted that locations such as Wall Street in New York, Miami...


Over 3,500 Get Stung by Jellyfish at Beaches in Australia on the Weekend

Diego G., Reporter February 14, 2019

Over this weekend, many people were stung by a wall of Bluebottle Jellyfish in the ocean. No one died, but the whole area was covered with jellyfish. Although people were aware of these jellyfish, for...

an oil spill off the coast of Louisiana

The Sanchi Oil Spill

Erin K., Co Editor - Campus Life February 7, 2018

On January 6th, an Iranian oil tanker, Sanchi, sank off the coast of China after colliding with a cargo ship from Hong Kong. It resulted in a fiery explosion that lasted for a week. At the time of the...

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