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Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Do Animals Feel Emotion?

Julia W., Editor June 3, 2022

    An average day of a human fills to the brim with varying emotions. Whether it is frustration when the barista gets a coffee order wrong, happiness when meetings with friends, or sadness after failing...

The Beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall

Places to Visit in Viet Nam

Quyen N., Editor April 25, 2022

Viet Nam is an exquisite country, boasting an intriguing history as well as many breathtaking landscapes. Ranging from beaches and mountains to crumbling towers and long-standing monuments, Viet Nam is...

How Venus Fly Trap Plants Snap Shut

How Venus Fly Trap Plants Snap Shut

Amy S., Reporter April 22, 2022

With its mouth-like leaves and ensnaring “teeth,” the carnivorous Venus Flytrap seems to be pulled out of a science fiction movie. Its almost predatory, bug-eating behavior draws interest from scientists...

Hawaiis natural beauty

What Makes Hawaii so Popular?

Nisha A., Editor January 14, 2022

Hawaii’s clear sea, blue sky, and tropical climate. The perfect place for a nice, relaxing vacation. Everyone knows about the rich culture and delicious food along with the stunning beaches, volcanoes,...

Do woodpeckers get brain damage?

Do woodpeckers get brain damage?

Nick S., Reporter April 30, 2021

Woodpeckers are a type of bird in the Picidae family. Members of this bird are known to forage for insect prey on the trunks and branches of trees. Woodpeckers tend to hang around trees and utilize them...

People violating nature to use on social media can be proven to be destructive.

Does Social Media Ruin Nature?

Ethan Y., Editor November 5, 2019

For centuries, nature was the key to man advancements and cultivation. It provided many natural resources, such as wood, iron, and gold. Nature was also worshipped by many cultures and gave wonder and...

An exaggerated representation of global warming/if the ozone layer was destroyed

Mysterious Chemical Damaging Ozone Layer

Tanay S., Reporter June 6, 2018

Scientists have detected a rise of a dangerous chemical in the air that is known to damage the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere. What’s intriguing these scientists is that this chemical was banned...

A deadly orca

Orcas vs. Sharks

Nathan N., Reporter December 21, 2017

        When asked the question, what is the ocean’s biggest predator, many would think of the great white shark. Although this could be a true statement,  a recent article has shown that the...

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