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A statue of the famed Mongolian ruler, Genghis Khan, at an exhibition.

Who was Genghis Khan?

Oscar L., Reporter April 19, 2022

Genghis Khan, born in 1162 as Temujin, was a powerful Mongolian ruler and conqueror. After his father’s death, Temujin and his family were exiled from their tribe. He was even captured as a slave in...

The Nile River, where The Death On The Nile takes place.

Book Review: The Death On The Nile

Jesse K., Editor March 22, 2022

The book, The Death On The Nile, is a famous piece written by Agatha Christie, and it is based on a murder-mystery novel in 1937 by Agatha Christie. The book is about the work of a Belgian detective, Hercule...

Bob Saget was a beloved actor and comedian.

Bob Saget: The Tragedy

Nisha A., Editor February 25, 2022

“I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never have a friend like him. I love you so much, Bobby,” says John Stamos, Bob Saget’s former co-star, but more importantly, friend....

A drawing of the Zodiac Killer, drawn after the murder of Paul Stine.

Who was the Zodiac killer?

Jacqueline S., Reporter November 8, 2021

The Zodiac killer is a notorious killer who terrorized citizens in Northern California in the 1960s. He has been linked to at least five murders but may have killed 37 victims in his time.    On...

A goat looking far away

Mysterious Disappearance of Goat Hunter Solved After 53 Years

Sal V., Reporter October 19, 2021

Raymond Jones was a man who lived over fifty years ago. Or, more accurately, more than fifty-three years ago, because that’s when he died of mysterious causes. Mr. Jones is quite a peculiar case.   Jones...

The Plot of Every Mystery Book

The Plot of Every Mystery Book

Drew L., Reporter June 7, 2021

Hello. My name is [Insert Generic First Name] [Insert Slightly Obscure Last Name]. And I’ve lived a pretty normal life, I have a [Insert Family with Random Facts About Them], I live in [Insert Generic...

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland has been the place of many dog suicides, making the bridge become a source of speculation.

Dog Suicide Bridge in Scotland

Elise M. , Reporter May 22, 2019

In Dumbarton, Scotland dogs feel compelled to jump off the Overtoun Bridge to their death. As morbid as it may sound, it's very true. Something overcomes the dogs as they approach the bridge, making them...

The Sun Vanished is a Twitter account that posts narratives that viewers can interact with

The Sun Vanished

Alyssa W. , Reporter April 23, 2019

With the capability of the net increasing, people are finding new ways to adapt it to create stunning displays of creativity. People turn message boards into openings for world-class mysteries. Writers...

Cicada 3301 is a very mysterious  challenge. Who will beat it?

The Mystery Of Cicada 3301

Alyssa W., Reporter March 4, 2019

The internet is an endless source of entertainment, with an endless amount of music, art, games, and information loaded on it. It has no shortage of ways to amuse and occupy users. One such way that it...

Human intelligence.

Are we the First Intelligent Life on Earth?

Colin M., Reporter May 9, 2018

For a long time, scientists have believed that humans were the first intelligent life on Earth. However, scientists are beginning to wonder if they were wrong. If there was a previous civilization on Earth,...

Real scientific image simulating what being colorblind is like

The Mysteries Behind Being Colorblind

Lois H., Reporter March 20, 2018

Red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow. These are just some of the colors that are seen in the world. However, what one person sees, and another persons sees could be different. Why? The majority of...

a North Korean cargo ship

North Korea’s Mystery Ship, Hao Fan 6

Tanay S., Reporter January 16, 2018

On October 10, 2017, a cargo ship called the Hao Fan 6 was banned from every single port across the entire world after violating several laws in North Korea. The Hao Fan 6 was under South Korean control...

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