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Many underrated musicians stray from the distinct pop sound.

Underrated but Talented Artists

Muirelle P, Reporter June 9, 2022

The pop sounds of the music industry drown out the individual sounds of smaller artists. With such a dominating norm having a chokehold on the industry, artists whose unique melodies and beats diverge...

The cover image of Olivia Rodrigos album, Sour.

Olivia Rodrigo Wins Three Grammys

Phoebe R., Reporter June 1, 2022

On April 3, 2022, at the Grammys event, Olivia Rodrigo won three Grammys. Olivia won three awards: the Best New Artist Honor, Best Pop Vocal Album (Sour), and Best Pop Hit Solo Performance for her top-of-the-charts...

Coachella is a lively, vibrant annual music festival.

Coachella 2022

Noelle W., Editor May 31, 2022

This year, the lively, colorful, and vastly anticipated music and arts festival, Coachella, makes its return to Indio, California, after a two-year hiatus. Spanning over two weekends, the festival includes...

An image of black and silver headphones.

Which Music Genre is Best for Studying?

Jaden L., Reporter May 26, 2022

There are many music genres in the world, which cause different types of moods. Some are for partying and having fun, while others are for healing people. These differences in music are what make music...

Clairo is a singer-songwriter who wrote Immunity.

Immunity by Clairo: Album Review

Samantha C., Editor March 16, 2022

Immunity is an album by the artist Clairo. It includes eleven alternative soft rock songs, the album spanning about forty-one minutes. The central theme of the album is love. Many of the songs are ballads,...

Harry Styles is a talented and popular singer-songwriter.

Fine Line Album By Harry Styles

Jacqueline S., Reporter February 28, 2022

Harry Styles released his second solo album, Fine Line, with Columbia Records on December 13, 2019, which can be played and listened to anywhere you can stream music. This follows his self-titled Harry...

Harry Styles on tour before the COVID-19 pandemic

Harry Styles: “Love on Tour”

Emily B., Reporter January 31, 2022

Harry Edward Styles is a popular singer from the United Kingdom. Ever since he was a child, Styles has shown interest in music and singing. Recently, he has performed in a three-month-long “Love on Tour.”...

A woman playing the violin

The History of the Violin

Quyen N., Editor January 26, 2022

The violin is a very well-known instrument. Played by many, either solo, with another instrument, or in an orchestra, this beloved instrument is famed for its sharp, clear notes and well-known disposition....

Twice, the K-Pop girl group in 2018

Album Review: Twice, Formula of Love: O+T=<3

Melody S., Reporter January 14, 2022

Debuting in 2015 and consisting of nine one in a million girls, any guesses as to who they are? They’re Twice, of course! Debuting with the extended play, The Story Begins, on October 10th, 2015; they...

Music is a very important  part of life for some people

Should Music Be Allowed in the Classroom?

Sal V., Reporter December 15, 2021

Music has always been an essential part of life. People dance to it, sing along with it, and play it when they feel down. However, many students around the world aren't allowed to listen to music during...

A photo of an iPhone on a desk

Best Mobile Rhythm Games

Alexander M., Reporter December 14, 2021

There are many rhythm games to play, but some require a PC with a mouse and a mouse pad to play, while others require people to go to an arcade and play it there. Some people can’t afford or just don’t...

A photo taken of Scotty McCreery performing at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2020

Song Review: 5 More Minutes

Jonah V., Reporter December 14, 2021

The single “Five More Minutes,” released in 2018, is by a country singer named Scotty McCreery. This song isn’t any typical song. It's a song filled with sadness that lots of people relate to, including...

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