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A pile of pennies

Should The Penny Stay in Circulation?

Jason C., Editor May 31, 2022

The penny is the smallest and most worthless piece of currency in the American monetary system. The penny was first created in 1793, and its size was very large. More than 50 years later,  the penny was...

A child holding a jar of coins

Should Children get an Allowance?

Chelsea C., Reporter May 31, 2022

Should kids get an allowance for doing chores or tasks? There are many pros and cons to giving children an allowance. Many pros can be teaching your kids about budgeting and learning to value money but...

The Recent Rise of GPU Prices:

The Recent Rise of GPU Prices:

Dylan C., Reporter May 26, 2022

    In the recent age of technology, it isn’t surprising that computers require a few components, even if the computer isn’t meant for heavy workloads or gaming. One of the most necessary components...

Different currency from all over the world

Should There Be One World Currency?

Erick O., Reporter May 23, 2022

There are many things to consider when thinking about whether there should be one world currency, such as what would change, what would the money be based on, and is it possible? Using facts and evidence,...

Money and happiness... do they go together?

Can Money Actually Buy Happiness?

Emma W., Editor December 15, 2021

Can money really buy happiness? Some people believe that it definitely cannot, and others think that it can. Even though it is just a yes or no question, people have gone far in proving themselves to be...

Should the Minimum Age for Jobs be Lowered From 16?

Should the Minimum Age for Jobs be Lowered From 16?

Jonah V., Reporter December 8, 2021

A job is a very common thing for most adults. Jobs help them earn money to help themselves live. Eventually, when they start a family, they have to use their money to buy themselves and their kids’ food,...

Several Companies are Providing Free Items for Those who have been Vaccinated

Several Companies are Providing Free Items for Those who have been Vaccinated

Miranda C., Reporter May 13, 2021

Many companies have been giving away free food, gift cards to people who have proof that they have been vaccinated. There are some great items being given away, but others aren’t so great. The first...

After her recent divorce, MacKenzie Bezos pledged to give at least half of her $37 billion dollar fortune to charity

MacKenzie Bezos plans to donate half of her $36 billion to charity

Alan H., Reporter June 4, 2019

MacKenzie Bezos, ex-wife of prominent Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has promised to give at least half of her fortune to charity, just months after finalizing her divorce. The newly minted billionaire has...

Logo of popular tv show, where James Holzhauer contributed to his $2 million.

How James Holzhauer Won 2 Million Dollars

Thomas W., reporter June 4, 2019

James Holzhauer, as of May 30th, has won over $2,382,583 on the game show Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a TV show hosted by Alex Trebek in which contestants answer difficult questions the average person wouldn't...

A pigeon named Armando auctions for a record $1.4 million!

Someone Paid $1.4 Million For This Pigeon

Darrius H., Reporter May 7, 2019

In almost any city, wild pigeons are treated as a nuisance and in most people’s eyes, are worth a dime for a dozen. Despite all the good things pigeons have given humanity such as aerial photography,...

Disney Land

Disney raising prices again- when will it be too much?

Reese M., reporter February 19, 2019

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has raised their prices by up to 25% in the last year. Now, the cheapest day ticket is over $100 for the low demand days, such as an April weekday. For a one-day...

Government Shutdown

The Government Shutdown

Anya D., Editor January 22, 2019

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to prevent the entrance of illegal immigrants. This wall costs 5.6 billion dollars! Donald Trump promised...

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