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MacKenzie Bezos plans to donate half of her $36 billion to charity

After her recent divorce, MacKenzie Bezos pledged to give at least half of her $37 billion dollar fortune to charity

Alan H., Reporter

June 4, 2019

MacKenzie Bezos, ex-wife of prominent Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has promised to give at least half of her fortune to charity, just months after finalizing her divorce. The newly minted billionaire has signed the Giving Pledge, which encourages the world’s wealthiest people and families to dedicate...

How James Holzhauer Won 2 Million Dollars

Logo of popular tv show, where James Holzhauer contributed to his $2 million.

Thomas W., reporter

June 4, 2019

James Holzhauer, as of May 30th, has won over $2,382,583 on the game show Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a TV show hosted by Alex Trebek in which contestants answer difficult questions the average person wouldn't know the answer to. Contestants can choose a selection of subjects to choose from. Prices range fr...

Someone Paid $1.4 Million For This Pigeon

A pigeon named Armando auctions for a record $1.4 million!

Darrius H., Reporter

May 7, 2019

In almost any city, wild pigeons are treated as a nuisance and in most people’s eyes, are worth a dime for a dozen. Despite all the good things pigeons have given humanity such as aerial photography, they are shooed away from downtown sidewalks into dark alleys and anti-pigeon spikes are put anywhere they la...

Disney raising prices again- when will it be too much?

Disney Land

Reese M., reporter

February 19, 2019

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has raised their prices by up to 25% in the last year. Now, the cheapest day ticket is over $100 for the low demand days, such as an April weekday. For a one-day adult ticket on a peak date, they increased the price from $135 to $149. They also rose their prem...

The Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

Anya D., Editor

January 22, 2019

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican border to prevent the entrance of illegal immigrants. This wall costs 5.6 billion dollars! Donald Trump promised the US a wall that would provide more protection at the US-Mexico border. He originally proposed ...

Google Buys Business Park for $1 Billion


Diego G., Reporter

December 13, 2018

Google, one of the biggest and most successful companies ever, has just made a 1 billion dollar purchase of a park. This is the region’s biggest real estate purchase. The park is named the Britannia Shoreline and it isn’t a regular park, it is a technology park. This technology park is a 795,663 squar...

Should the Government Fund More Money Into Technology?


Donald C., Reporter

December 5, 2018

Technology is everywhere. Whether it is a nearby device or created by a device, it is still all around. In the U.S., more and more new technology is being invented and created. The U.S. is considered one of the world’s most technologically advanced country as exciting and useful devices are popping ...

Should Teachers Have To Buy School Supplies?

Pile of school supplies.

Jasmine H., Reporter

May 24, 2018

An average teacher makes about $58,000 a year and this isn’t counting the taxes. Schools are sometimes unable to pay for all of the supplies and, when they can’t, teachers need to spend their own money to buy necessary supplies that should have already been provided by the school. Teachers earn th...

Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores?

Should Schools Offer Cash Bonuses for Good Test Scores?

Ellen K., Reporter

May 8, 2017

Throughout the last decade, a growing number of schools have adopted a new method of improving test performances. This method involves paying students as well as their teachers with cash for the student’s passing test score. In fact, some high schools have allowed students to enroll in their Advanced Pla...

Cheap Ways to Travel the World’s Most Expensive Places

Money, money, money!

Charis P., Reporter

February 27, 2017

Many people often have an ideal vacation spot in mind, but they are usually too expensive to travel to. Fortunately, with the help of local experts and helpful tips there are now ways to plan affordable trips to expensive destinations such as Hong Kong, France, and Australia. One tip would be to travel ...

Accidentally Stolen Subaru Returned in Form of Gas Money

Accidentally Stolen Subaru Returned in Form of Gas Money

Vivian W., Editor

December 6, 2016

Recently, a car was stolen from a woman in Portland, Oregon, creating a huge ordeal. In the Woodstock neighborhood, the car was stolen from Erin Hatzi. The issue first arose when Hatzi’s husband arrived at their home. Hatzi’s husband had just gotten home and it was already 9:30 at night. He assum...

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