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Chocolate originated from Mexico.

History of Chocolate

Chelsea C., Reporter June 10, 2022

Ever wonder who invented chocolate or where it comes from? Chocolate was originally from Mexico, and its history began in Ancient Mesoamerica back, 4,000 years ago. There is where the first cacao plants...

A stethoscope and pen on top of a paper

Should Healthcare Be Free?

Sal V., Reporter May 23, 2022

At some point in life, everyone has gotten sick. Some luckier individuals haven’t experienced anything worse than the flu, but others have struggled with horrifying diseases. No one wants to get sick,...


New Drugs that Block Brain Chemicals

Carlos P., Reporter June 7, 2021

Doctors have developed a new drug to help patients cope with one of the most common neurological diseases, better known as migraine. Migraine is an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease, affecting...

COVID-19 Vaccine

How do the Coronavirus Vaccines work?

Annette B., Editor February 1, 2021

During the winter of 2019, a new strain of Coronavirus emerged, and in the following months, it ravaged the world, causing a worldwide pandemic. The new strain was renamed SARS-CoV-2 but is commonly referred...

Dont go to school while sick or this may happen...


Ethan J., Reporter March 5, 2020

Throat feels itchy? Sensitive skin when touching it and getting the chills? As the people around the world know, these symptoms lead up to a no-good, painful, and annoying fever. Throughout the history...

A student coughing from a sickness due to not having vaccines.

Should Vaccines Be Required?

Chase K., Reporter February 11, 2020

A coronavirus epidemic has spread over China and is starting to spread to other countries. Thousands have been infected and hundreds of people have died of the infectious respiratory virus. However, the...

A diagram of Cas9

Cas 9 and Crispr

Jayden L., Reporter May 23, 2018

Targeted genome editing is a way to change the genome of an organism. This type of technology can change the lives of many. Targeted genome editing is the process of changing the genetic code of an organism....

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