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A stethoscope and pen on top of a paper

Should Healthcare Be Free?

Sal V., Reporter May 23, 2022

At some point in life, everyone has gotten sick. Some luckier individuals haven’t experienced anything worse than the flu, but others have struggled with horrifying diseases. No one wants to get sick,...

Medicare for all

Medicare for all

Juno K., Reporter February 17, 2021

There are many people in the U.S. that would hesitate to go to the hospital even though their sickness or injury is urgent. The reason for this is the medical bills. The United States Federal Government...

Medicare Protesters

Medicare For All

Elio A., Reporter February 19, 2019

Medicare For All is a health care plan that was developed by Senator Bernie Sanders. It is single-payer health insurance, that the national government runs. The program covers all Americans and replaces...

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