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Best Christmas Decorations in Orange County

Christmas trees have  become the centerpiece for most Christmas displays.

Chase K., Reporter

December 29, 2019

Some people enjoy decorating for Christmas, and some simply don’t. There are some decorators who live for decorating and spend hours planning the arrangement of the twinkling lights, making sure not one bulb is out of place. Some people will string up a few lights and call it a day. Many people stri...

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade Returns

Picture of Disney's Electrical Parade

Mary C., Editor

January 30, 2017

When the Main Street Electrical Parade first debuted at Disneyland in the summer of 1972, it didn’t take long before it became a beloved staple of Disney parks. So naturally, fans were rather upset, to put it lightly, when Disney announced that the parade would be shutting down in November 1996. People w...

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