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The Lonely Whale

Dante D., Reporter January 12, 2021

The Lonely Whale foundation was founded in 2015, when actor-activist Adrian-Grenier along with producer Lucy Sumner heard the story of the loneliest whale in the ocean, singing at 52 hertz. The Lonely...

El Chapo Trial

El Chapo Found Guilty

Jayden F., Reporter March 5, 2019

El Chapo the infamous Mexican crime lord was convicted on Tuesday after a three month trial in New York City. This conviction exposed how the inner workings of his cartel, that also shipped tons of drugs...

North Korean citizens going about their daily commute

Daily Life In North Korea

Tanner Y., Reporter November 27, 2017

When people think of North Korea, missiles and bombs come to their mind. Most people know very little about daily life in the hermit kingdom. Daily life in this remote country is very different from the...

Better times are bound to come with these life changes.

How To Be A Better Person In Life

Daisy K., Editor May 23, 2017

Ever feel like life just isn’t following a clean-cut course? Or maybe it’s just been pretty down in the dumps lately. Well, this can be prevented. Yes, this may sound like a cheesy attempt at a generic...

View of the Moon in space

Life Without the Moon

Regina J. May 3, 2017

The moon has made a huge impact on the way people live. It has helped not only shape the evolution of mankind, but has shaped the entire evolution of the planet. Without the moon, life would definitely...


Colors Actually Make Differences in People’s Lives

Sydney C. , Reporter February 28, 2017

Colors have been painted around the world, from the moment the Earth was made. These colors have represented the different things in this world. As a matter of fact, different colors can actually change...

Say goodbye to those annoying cherry pits.

Food Hacks

Naomi H., Assistant Editor February 15, 2017

Are you lazy or simply looking for an efficient way to cook faster? Then try these seven handy food hacks that will change your life!   How to fix: Messy Ice Cream Sandwiches Making a...

A picture of multiple disney characters.

Walt Disney: Life and Creations

Beth G., Reporter January 31, 2017

Do you watch cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb and My Little Pony? The person who made cartoon animation come to life is Walter Elias Disney, nicknamed Walt. What started out as a little bit of inspiration...

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