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With so many advantages, its no surprise most people around the world know more than one language.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Samantha C., Editor April 19, 2022

Knowing one language is nice, as it is a way to communicate with others who also know the language. However, learning and knowing more than one language is extremely beneficial to people and those around...

OG Languages saying welcome

Is it important to learn a 2nd language?

Conner N., Reporter May 9, 2018

Language impacts the people of the worlds race, creed, and region of the world every day. Not only does language do this, but language also helps humans express their feelings, desires, love, and emotion...

A possibly Latin-speaking woman opening a succulent, juicy fish

Oldest Languages

Heleni N., Editor March 19, 2018

There are over 5,000 languages spoken in the world. As a child you learn a language usually the one your parents speak, but as get older can learn many more. In the United States the most common languages...

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