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Sydney R. at Kraemer Middle School

Student Spotlight: Sydney R.

Samantha C., Editor January 5, 2022

Sydney R. is a bubbly, dramatic, and optimistic student. She loves dogs, especially her dog, Daisy Muffin Face. She also loves her friends, whom she is always supportive of and kind towards. Some of her...

A line of students working on their computers

Pros and Cons of Tech on Campus

Logan A., Reporter December 3, 2021

Currently, schools worldwide have been more lenient to allow students to use phones or other electronic devices on campus and in classes. Technology can intrigue students to pay attention and makes the...

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Putman

Jacqueline S., Reporter December 3, 2021

Mr. Putman is one of the many talented and artistic teachers at Kraemer Middle School in Placentia, California. He first settled into Kraemer during the 2017-2018 school year as a History teacher. The...

Julia smiling at the camera

Student Spotlight: Julia N.

Quyen N., Editor December 3, 2021

Julia N is a 7th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. She is a funny and adventurous 13-year-old whom everyone should get to know. Julia's family is made up of her mother, Tola, father,...

Valencia and Kraemers Cyber Patriot logo

Club Spotlight: Cyber Patriots

Evelyn Y, Reporter November 8, 2021

While Kraemer Middle School offers a variety of clubs and activities, one, in particular, is the Cyber Patriots/Security club. Boasting over 100 club members, including students of both Valencia High School...

Instruments, musical symbols, and other images representing music

Elective Spotlight: Exploratory Wheel- Music Appreciation

Alexander M., Reporter November 7, 2021

Music Appreciation is an elective in the exploratory wheel. It is a cycle of three classes for each semester. Music appreciation is very self-explanatory. This class teaches you to appreciate music from...

A picture representing school clubs by putting the letters of the word in hexagons.

Clubs on Campus

Madelyn M., Reporter November 6, 2021

At Kraemer Middle School, there are so many cool and fun clubs on campus anyone can join! Some clubs students can join are the Fellowship Club, Hip hop Club, Art Club, Guitar Club, and many more. All of...

Kraemers school logo

Electives at Kraemer Middle School

Sajni S., Editor October 19, 2021

From Orchestra to Exploratory Wheel, from Online Newspaper to Computer Applications, there are many options to choose from when deciding what electives to take for the year. While there is the possibility...

Staff Spotlight – Mrs. Winn

Michelle S., Editor October 18, 2021

Mrs. Winn is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School who teaches seventh and eighth-grade science. She enjoys working at Kraemer, especially because of the wonderful staff who light up her day. Mrs. Winn has...

Bong Joon Ho be lookin like he has bed head.

Bong Joon Ho Spotlight

Chase K., reporter March 11, 2020

On February 9, 2020, Bong Joon Ho stood on a stage in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, being watched by 30 million people. He clutched a golden trophy in his left hand while he delivered a speech, thanking...

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Student Spotlight: Matthew Y.

Anselle P., Reporter March 6, 2020

Matthew Y. is currently an eighth grader attending Kraemer Middle School. His electives are Spanish and Biology. As a seventh-grader, he took Chamber Orchestra but wanted to switch to Biology knowing he...

JoJo hehehe. what kind of a name is that! What is he... GeRmAn!?!?!

Jojo Rabbit Review

Zachary T., Reporter February 18, 2020

Jojo Rabbit is a fantastic movie for critics and viewers alike but it’s not for people who take offense to many things. The overall plot of the movie is a German boy named Jojo who lives with his mom...

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