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Artificial Sweeteners: Ban or Can

Artificial Sweeteners: Ban or Can

Jonathan Y., Reporter

December 18, 2018

Filed under Opinion

Starting from the 1950s, artificial sweeteners are known for being an alternative to sugar, but many have asked; How harmful are artificial sweeteners? Scientists have researched and experimented for the truth of artificial sweeteners and have found multiple answers to this issue. Artificial sweet...

Student Spotlight: Jonathan C.

Student Spotlight: Jonathan C.

Nathan C., Reporter

October 17, 2016

Filed under Campus Life

Jonathan C. is a twelve year old GATE student in 7th grade here at Kraemer Middle School. His friendly personality and ability to make anyone laugh makes him unique. Outside of school he is a participant in his church’s youth group and homeless ministry, and plays flag football. He lives in Brea with...

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