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Slices of A5 Wagyu Steak

A5 Wagyu Review

Jaxon Y., Reporter January 14, 2022

A5 Wagyu-the pinnacle of steak-is it worth the extreme price? Some think it is overrated, but others idolize this fatty, delicious, scrumptious type of beef. On average, it goes for about $150 a pound!...

What is Danganronpa?

What is Danganronpa?

Kailani C., Reporter March 19, 2021

Danganronpa is a Japanese visual novel franchise, Kazutaka Kodaka, created and published by Spike Chunsoft in 2010. So far, the franchise includes four console games and two major anime series. The latest...

A picture of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki and the Top Three Movies he Created

Sydney C., Reporter March 28, 2017

Hayao Miyazaki is a well known Japanese screenplay writer, animator, and manga artist born in the 1940’s at Bunkyo, Tokyo. His father, Katsuji Miyazaki, was the director for the Miyazaki Airplane, which...

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