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Top Places to visit in Japan

Top Places to visit in Japan

Agnes L., Editor January 11, 2021

Although a small country, Japan has many beautiful sites and diverse geology that people from all over the world go to visit. For example, Hitsujiyama Park, Tohoku, Nagoya, and many others! Hitsujiyama...

This is a picture showing an aspect of the Japanese culture.

Top Places To Visit In Japan

Ethan Y., Editor April 17, 2020

When people hear the word Japan, they immediately think about sushi, ramen, anime, along with samurai and ninjas. The truth is, there are a lot more than just those few stereotypical thoughts, and Japan...

Because of their speed and size, turtles can accidentally be run over.

Turtle Tunnel Saves Lives

Ethan Y., Editor October 8, 2019

In the world, there are many bustling, busy streets and roads always with vehicles roaring past at vicious speeds. Especially on highways and railroads, they are hazards to many small animals intending...

Four Things to do in Japan

Four Things to do in Japan

Reese M., Reporter October 24, 2018

When visiting Japan there are lots of fun things to do from Mario Go-Karting around the city to going to temples and experiencing the culture. When going to Japan and visiting these places in the summer...

A beautiful view of Osaka Castle.

Japanese Tourist Attractions

Rylan M., Reporter April 10, 2018

Japan is a country that is rich in cultural background and history. It is a small group of islands located off of the eastern coast of Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous...

Concept art of the Human Uber

“Human Uber” Lets You Pay Someone To Live Your Life For You

Tori P., Editor February 21, 2018

People in this generation are extremely lazy. They normally aren’t really in the mood to get out of bed in the morning to go to work or hang out with friends. Shockingly, Japanese tech titan Rekimoto...

Top Places to Visit in Japan

Top Places to Visit in Japan

Sydney C., Reporter October 4, 2016

Have you ever visited Japan? If you haven’t, here are some of the recommendations on the popular restaurants and sightseeing places that are located in the different cities of Japan. One of the most...

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