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Italian Chemists Bake a Scientifically Perfect Yeast-Free Pizza

Italian Chemists Bake a Scientifically Perfect Yeast-Free Pizza

Julia W., Editor May 23, 2022

    When one hears the word “pizza,” the favorite Italian-originated dish immediately comes to mind. A person might have visions of steaming cheese, savory sauce, and a plethora of toppings on a...

The Colosseum

Top 3 Places to Visit in Italy

Maria B., Reporter May 23, 2022

Italy is home to some of the most famous artists, unique scenery, and architecture. Its capital, Rome, has some of the most beautiful architectural buildings that have been around for centuries. Notable...

How did noodles come to be?

History of Noodles

Melody S., Reporter April 25, 2022

Among rice, bread, and other carbs, noodles undeniably reign supreme on many people’s tier lists. Knowing this, how did the traditionally pulled wheat, rice, or even plant-based culinary favorite come...

Dream Travel Locations

Dream Travel Locations

Mason E., Editor March 2, 2021

Many people have places they dream of going to all around the world. No matter how big or small the place is, at least one person would want to go there. Vacations are always fun no matter where you go....

Six Best Places to visit in Italy

Six Best Places to visit in Italy

Dorian D., Reporter January 12, 2021

Italy is an old country, and with Rome, as its capital, there are many ancient ruins and grand structures that are found there. There are many places to visit in Italy, such as the awe-inspiring Colosseum,...

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